The Order of the Australian Templar Knights

Established 1796 with the prerogative to continue the idea and values of the Medieval Knighthood and uphold the continuation of the Templar Knights as such. We continue the Rules and Regulations and most important we uphold the truth.

Yes, as time changes, so did we. We don’t travel to the Holy Land to fight Muslims anymore, as a matter of fact; as our fore-brothers lived next and together with them, we learned to understand, recognise and accept their way of life. 

You will find many ‘Templar Groups’ on the Net. Some are just a bunch of people pretending to be Knights. Unfortunately, you will find websites where they offer you, for some payment, a ‘Knighthood’. Some are valuable members of the society, being very religious or at least utilise the Christian Religion.  Others, depending on the number of their members are heavily  involved in charity. Also there are groups who should not be called Templar Knights, as they only dress up in medieval gear – not even authentic, and perform re-enactment tournaments.

We follow the original way and our members have to ‘earn’ the accolade and be dubbed. Given information as your membership progresses, you will learn about life and history of the era when Templar Knights were active. You will step through the ranks of Serf, Novice, Page and Squire until eventually you will be raised to a Knight or Dame and wear the white mantle with pride.

Benefits? You belong to an ‘organisation’ were friendship is valued high and were members don’t lie to each other. You will be able to call yourself official Sir or Dame and receive a passport from the order, which helps you greatly when traveling and meeting other Templars. 

The Australian Templars are spiritual and non-denominational group. We seek no difference between Christian churches. We meet once a month, wearing our uniform to hold a normal business like meeting and once a year an AGM. Also we meet at social togetherness’s to socialise and get closer acquainted to each other.

We have ceremonies in which we remember former medieval events and ceremonies in which our members are raised to their next rank. 

My primary education in life taught me to believe all and every information I was given. My further education with the Templar Knights taught me to question everything I was told to believe. 

The (at the time) Mayor of Blacktown joined us and          participated at a dubbing ceremony. 

Hear our prayer O God of all of us and listen as we lay open our sins before Thee. Against Thee we have sinned – to Thee we make our confession. Spare us we pray and vouchsafe pardon to our sins. Extend Thy mercy to us who shed blood in battle, turn your face again towards us, your soldiers – your Templar Knights.                 

Knights Templar Aims. TODAY’S Templar Knights try to-uphold truth, chivalry and comradery. We respect any person, no matter what colour, creed or RELIGION. Also, we protected the knowledge of the Templar Knights for the past 900yrs.

Our main commandery is in Blacktown (Sydney), NSW, Australia. On every third Tuesday of a month at 6pm, we hold a meeting at the local Club Blacktown (former RSL). Every man or woman is welcome as a visitor.   

Questions? Send us an email – [email protected]