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How To Join!

There are a few steps to joining the Order of the World Templar Lords. They’re listed at the bottom of this page with the Personal Dossier, but please read what joining includes.

Thank you Non Nobis.

What joining includes!

Even though we are a social group, joining the Order of the Templar Knights isn’t as easy as saying: “I want to join” – and that’s it. That is not how you can be part of an 900-year-old ‘Organisation’. As you would have seen on the home page, we are a Military Order. (No you don’t need to sign the dotted line saying you will serve X amount of years). What this means is; we are regimented in the way we do things and our processes. There is a chain of command and Ranks within the Order. There are also traditions and secrets we as Templar Knights, must uphold and keep.  Furthermore, showing your interest and attend every monthly meeting is a necessity and THEN the Order will approach you, and ask you to join. Sure you originally seek us out and show your interest, but it doesn’t stop there. You must show from the beginning that you are keen and willing to learn; show dedication to the Order and you will be welcomed as brother or sister. Once that connection is established, and only then you will receive Information which will lead you into the Mysteries of an medieval Order. Once a Page or Squire reached a stage of knowledge; the Knighthood will be bestowed onto them.

There is no set time frame to become a Novice, Squire/Page or Knight/Dame. It is different for each person and it depends on the effort you put in, your dedication and how quick you comprehend.

Within the Order, we do not lie to each other, so we expect the truth and we give the same in return.

So to apply and join, you must complete the following steps:

Fill out the Personal Dossier at the bottom of this page, in ‘your message’ tell us where you live (Town/State) and then press ‘SEND’ or send a txt message to 0406 471 405.

Come to a meeting and see what we’re about. Once contacted by the Order you will be invited to attend a meeting.

Show you are keen and dedicated to the Order.


Non Nobis Domine, Non Nobis Sed Nomine, Tuo Da Gloriam..

Personal Dossier