How to join?

From Peasant ………

Once you decided to join the Australian Templar Knights, we assume you have some background knowledge or at least you flicked through our website and came to the conclusion that that is something you want to pursue. 

The next step depend on where you reside. If you live in greater Sydney you are welcome to attend meetings at the RSL in Blacktown . Interstate members can join through ZOOM. Most important is, that you attend every monthly meeting and ceremonies. 

After you attended three consecutive meetings the order will ask you if you are satisfied with our ‘boring business meetings’ and if you want to continue your journey with your new friends. 

Every now and then you will receive what we call ‘knowledge’ for you to read and learn. Again after a while, in which your progress will be tested, you will recommended and raised to a SERF of the order. 

Once you are a serf, you are well on your way to understand the requirements to progress and you will be prepared to step up to your next rank as Novice. At that time you will be asked to wear our uniform and in public our small cross to attract people to ask you about the order and your involvement. You will be asked to help the Herald to organise and setup ceremonies. 

After your time as Novice, a Knight of the order will discuss your future path within the order and guide you in right direction. Your own wish and input will be recognised and you will follow steps towards becoming a ‘Man at Arms’ or a Page. 






Finally you understanding the order, how it works and how it is connected to other groups. Now you will be raised to a Squire and ‘learn the robes’ from your knight. He will guide you towards becoming a Knight or Dame yourself. 






The big day! You passed all hurdles, satisfied your knight that you are worthy to be an equal to him, and he in return convinced the Master of the Order to prepare a ceremony in which you will be dubbed and receive your accolade. 

……. To Knight

and being welcomed and congratulated by other members of the order. 





The Master congratulate the new Knight, while Knights, the Master and visitor (Mayor of Blacktown) enjoy the ceremony.