Religion – Theoi mas eleison

Question and Answers – source used, Bible from 1545 AD

If you a religious person or a spiritual person? A religious, who believes everything you are told? Something ‘man-made’. Or a spiritual, a person who is  searching  to find the greater meaning in life and one’s existence in this world?

You believe in your religion? With all your heart and senses? Good on you. You are open to a challenge? Want to know more? Not scared to learn the truth? Ok then, let’s stick to facts only and free of emotional feelings….

Just some rhetorical questions:

Who invented calendar, who invented time, we the humans did.

Can’t be changed, true? Well, yes it could be done and it was done before a few times. Calendar was changed when we realised how many days a year really had. When the watch was invented, time was conveniently set into 60 minutes and 24 hour’s. That’s it? Can’t be changed again? Well it could, who says we can’t have 100 minutes and 20 hours or 10 month’s? What month is September, 9th? What about October, 10th? Septe – seven. Octo – eight. Everything can be changed and altered. 

 Now the same applies to religions:

Who invented God, oh sorry, stick to facts…God’s?

Who then created religions and made us fear Gods? We did, the humans did it.

So what are religions for? Who benefits from religions?

Religion’s keep the mob at bay. As more as they fear the Gods as better for the chosen few. Yes, if you believe all what you have heard and what you have been told; you might feel save and you might be a good person. Loving and helping others, before yourself. But for that you don’t need a religion. The real benefit goes to the leaders, the very limited amount of humans, who went through the fog and mist; and found the truth in wisdom and spirit, outside…in the sun…in the light. 

Alexander visits Diogenes in Corinth and Diogenes asks him to stand out of his sun. 

Most people live their life surrounded by fog, they don’t see what’s beyond the mist – nor do they want to. They are satisfied to see and hear what others tell them to do; no question asked.

Only some people are open minded and dare to step forward, out of the cloud and see for themselves. Look around, listen and evaluate what they experience and then compare the new knowledge with the Information they were given by others.

You can’t illuminate life? You need one God to do it for you? Why one – there are many out there. You can’t find the right one for you? Create one yourself, yes you can, why not; there is nothing wrong with that. Only you will be satisfied with such a solution and the crowd will be left behind…in the mist and fog.

You will find people who did the same before you. Find them, befriend them, join them; go forward…with them. Look there is light at the end (NO-not at the end of a tunnel); of the pasture, bright, warm, promising.  Your God is calling you, listen and see.

Yes I will never reach their stage of enlightenment, but I do what they did – I go to the edge of the cloud; pierce with my eyes through the dark, towards the light. I try to see beyond, I try to listen what others can’t hear, or don’t want to hear.

Don’t be afraid, go – seek and you will find. Enjoy a life of satisfaction with your brothers and sisters of the Order of the Templar Knights.