Aren’t the Templar Knights “dead”?

Even so the French King Philip the Fair and his cousin the Pope Clement V. disbanded the Oder, they carried on to exist.  In some countries openly in defiance to the Pope, in some countries they changed or took on a new name.

Did the Templar Knights really exist?

YES – You can find numerous proof about them in writings, pictures and architectures which survived to this day.

Who established the Order?

The very basic answer to that question is – in 1118 nine noble Knights from France went to the Holy Land with the idea to safeguard pilgrims on their journey to Jerusalem.

What happened to the medieval Order of the Templar Knights?

At the Council of Vienne (France) in 1312, Pope Clement V. issued a series of papal bulls, including ’Vox in excelso, which officially dissolved the Order.

How old are the Templar Knights? 

If you count from the very beginning, the Templars are 906 years old.

What does the Order stand for?

All Templar groups try to uphold the idea of friendship between like-minded people of different backgrounds and social statuses based on non discriminatory togetherness.

Who or what do the Templar Knight represent?

As in any other military Order, Knights represent chivalry, values such as integrity, respect and responsibility, as well as the continuation of the archaic ideology as we uphold any truth.

Are the Templars legitimate?

United Nation Headquarter July 2002, NGO Section (Non Governmental Organisation). As per July 26 the Templar Knights of the USA (OSMTH) registration number 19885, were granted a special consultative status and can represent the Templar Knights at UN offices in New York, Geneva and Vienna.

Can women join?

Yes they can. The Australian Templar Knights are not discriminatory and are gender neutral.  

Are we a re-enactment group?

No. But we wear our uniform at meetings and we do ‘dress-ups’ with mantle and sword on special occasions and ceremonies.

Are we related to Freemasons?

No we are not connected to Freemasons in any way even if some of their members tell you so.

Where does the Templar name come from?

The first name used in the Holy Land was ‘The poor soldiers of Christ’.

After their numbers grew, the King of Jerusalem gave them rooms and stables located under then former Temple area, they became known as the Templar Knights.

Were the Templar Knights religious?

It can be said that from 1118 until 1312 the Templar Knights were a very Christian religious Order.

Are the Templar Knights religious?

There are many serious Templar groups worldwide. Some of them will be strict Catholics, others are open to all Christians. Again, many of them call themselves religious and don’t look outside the box. The Australian Templar Knights and others call themselves ‘Spiritual’.

How to become a member of the Order?

Ask yourselves if you have time for meetings and ceremonies. Come along to every meeting and find out if that is something you like. After a few months we will invite you to become a Serf of the Order.

How can I commit myself to joining, when I live interstate or overseas?

Its is  very important for any person to make sure that you participate in ALL monthly meetings, to stay up to date. If you live outside greater Sydney area, you have the choice to use zoom.

How much effort and work will it take for me, when I join?  

To start, you will need to learn a few things such as the Templar motto, our salute and recognize our ranks.

What benefits do I get by joining the Order?

You will learn about Medieval History. You will experience a comradery bar none and feel the legacy surrounding the Templars.

When you become a Knight or Dame, is it just a made-up title? 

No – its not made up. Australian knighthoods and damehoods (the Order of Australia) were opposed by the Hawke Labour Government and were discontinued in 1986 and abolished 1989. That does not include any dubbing of a Knight or Dame, belonging to any order like the Templar Knights.

What does the Order expect from me?

All Templars expect that you become part of the family. Accept others as they are, as we take you as you are.

What are the costs?

You will be surprised how low we keep our joining and monthly fees. Keep in mind that any organisation has outgoings such as website, stationary and other costs. As non-profit Inc. Assoc surplus will be given back to the members in various forms.

Are the Templars and the Hospitallers the same?

NO – Each of those Orders have a different beginning and purpose of existence. For a while they were fighting together against the Muslims, but also sometimes against each other.  

Are the Templar Knights involved in charitable activities?

It very much depends on the group’s size and location.

What nationality were the Templar Knights?

Beginning in 1118 the were French. Later, when they recruited new members they were predominately still French. But more and more nobles from Italy, Spain, Portugal, England and other European countries joined. Later they separated into different Orders like the:

Order of the Holy Sepulchre

Knights Hospitaller

Order of Saint Lazarus

Teutonic Knights, and many more.

What nationality are the Templar Knights?

Today there are Templar Knights in 34 countries present. The largest representation you will find in the USA. Just to mention a few others, England, all European countries, some South American countries and in Australia.

How many Templars are there? 

This question can’t be answered as the number of members fluctuates. Also, the amount of members is irrelevant, what counts is the quality.

Who can bestow the accolade onto a Knight or Dame? 

Under normal circumstances the Master of an Order. The permission to do so was continuously given from Master to Master, regardless of the country the reside in, a Monarchy or Republic.

Who was the most famous and last leader of the Medieval Templars?

Grandmaster Jacques de Molay 

Why are we sporting a red Cross?  

In short – the cross was awarded to the Templar Knights (and other Medieval Knights) and it is NOT a Maltese Cross.

Are the Templars still part of the Catholic Church?

The current position of the Roman Catholic Church is that the medieval persecution of the Knights Templar was unjust, that nothing was inherently wrong with the order or it’s rules. The Australian Templar Knights have an official writing from Pope Benedict XVI. (Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger) confirming that Pope Clement V. was pressed into his actions by the magnitude of dominating influence of King Philip IV. who was Clements relative.

The ‘Order of Christ’ and the ‘Order Templari Cattolici d’Italia’ are the only two known organizations, that are in alignment with the Catholic Church

Are the movies about the Templar Knights factual?

JEIN (borrowed from German language) Most movies have about 20% truth in them. In most cases the names, places and dates of events are truthfully given to the viewer. The stories and ‘secrets’ you hear about are fiction.

Where is all the Templar Gold?

We assume that for lay people this is a rhetoric question. To learn more about the work the Templar Knights did in regard to wealth, join the Order and be amazed.

Do the Templars have treasures?

It depends on what you regard as treasure. If you think on Gold and Silver, and you only want to join to get some into your pocket, forget it.

Do the Templar guard the ‘Arc of the Covenant’?

NO – The Arc, or better the parts of it which are still in fair condition, are safeguarded by a religious group and shown to public once a year. Join us, raise from a Serf to a Prior/Grand Prior and you will get more information.