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Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, scrapped Knight and Dame titles from the Australian Honour System. This led to the misconception, that those titles bestowed onto a Squire/Page from any Order (like ours or E.g. the Order of the Hospitallers); do not exist anymore. That is NOT so, and they are still bestowed onto eligible persons. 


NO  –  this website of the Order of the Australian Templar Knights is NOT just another group of so-called Templar Knights.

YES  –  we represent and follow the same ideas and ideals of so many groups, which do a great job and follow the basics of monarchy, nobility, chivalry, Knighthood as-such and maybe even the St Bernhard’s Rules; BUT, we keep and uphold the truth, any truth even if it hurts. (John 8:32) 


To be a follower of us, you should approve our aim and be enthusiastic and a devotee. It would make you a supporter and a kind of affiliate. 


To feel and strive for our goal, and to actively participate in reaching it, will make you a member – a Lord of the Templar Knights. As such, our intention is not to dominate those sub-groups; but to try and work together with them in any way possible to adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the Knights Templar.


The realization of ideological ideals and the demands derived from them are made by the pure feeling and inner intention of a human being. 

Only when the ideal and real urge for a military formation in a medieval Order is sought, then will this urgent wish come true. Any ideology, even if it is a thousand times correct and of the highest value to the group; will remain meaningless as long as each individual does not strive for it. 


The organizational registration of a group can only take place on the basis of certain conditions. For the faith of any religion are dogmas necessary, for a military group like the Templar Knights; are the principles and rules of the highest importance.  


The Knights Templar take from the basic idea of a universal conception of the world the essential features, forming from them a common creed, taking into account practical reality, time and existing members, as well as its weaknesses; this, in turn, provides the basis for a positive realization of this world-vision itself in the tight organization of its members. 


Three groups of people under an authority 

  •  The first group, with the most numerous members, consists of people who meet more or less freely. The will of the individual does not matter. For them the very fact of the existence of such a group is justified in a consecrated inviolability.
  • The second group is a bit smaller. Its members impose some conditions to the organisation. They want the same administrative rights; and, if possible, a say in the decision making. The leadership of the group is no longer inviolable and will be tested for its appropriateness. The sacredness of the age of the group, does not protect from criticism.
  • The third group is the numerical smallest. The members see it as a means to soften their mostly very unclear ideas. The hope for individual participation and individual empowerment inevitably leads to failure and destruction of the group.


What was kept alive through our history was the knowledge our predecessors acquired with the sword and defended it with their lives. Nowadays we have to be very careful when adding new blood. It could lead to the unfortunate fragmentation of our Order. The existing knowledge must be preserved, promoted and passed on by all means. Over-individualism can not fulfil such a task. 


Don’t ever be angry, it’s a punishment you give to yourself for somebody else’s mistake.

You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing things with logic. True power is restrain. If words control you, that means everyone can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.


A religious person will do what he is told, no matter what is right.

A spiritual person will do what is right, no matter what he is told.


The fundamental insight is then, that the Order has no purpose, but a means. It is probably the prerequisite for the image of a higher human culture and insight; but not the cause of it. Rather, it lies exclusively in the presence of capable members with culture and dedication. Thus, the prerequisite for the existence of a higher understanding and knowledge is not the Order, but are the able and committed members. 


The Order is a means for the purpose. Its purpose is the preservation and promotion of a group of physically and mentally similar living beings. In the first place, this preservation embraces the core and basic ideals, and thereby permits the free development and understanding of all knowledge dormant. Of these, one part will always serve primarily the preservation of physical togetherness and only the other part the promotion of spiritual development.


Thus, the highest purpose of the Order is the concern for the preservation of those ancient primordial elements that, as cultural beneficiaries, create the beauty and dignity of higher knowledge. We, as Templar Knights, are thus able to imagine under guidance the living organism of a group, which not only ensures the preservation of this growth but also leads it to the highest freedom through the furthering of its spiritual and idealistic capacities. 


The goodness of an Order can not be judged by the cultural level or power significance of its members, compared to the rest of the world, but solely by the degree of the goodness of that Order for the chosen people. Conversely, a religious Order can be described as bad if, at its cultural level, it consecrates the knowledge of this Order only in its composition. The Order does not represent a content but a form. So it does not give a value meter for the goodness of itself.


We celebrate our victories but we don’t mourn our loss like the palm fronds waving, tearful pacifist mourners. We were founded by the victorious sword of special peoples, taking it into the service of a higher civilization. Anyone who speaks of a mission of the Order of the Templar Knights on earth must know that it can exist only in the formation of a tight togetherness of individuals with the same goal. Templar Knights see their highest task in the preservation and promotion of the undamaged noblest elements not only of our history, indeed but also about our future.


As a small group, we keep the truth (any truth) alive, even if it hurts; as we say. Our prerogative is to say, that all Templar Knights by heart, should unite in the spirit of our idol, Grandmaster Jacques de Moley. A perfect example is lead by the OSMTH and we all should be in constant communication with them.


It is, of course, easier to see in authority only the formal mechanism of an organization; than the sovereign embodiment of the self-preservation instinct of a group in the time we live in. The leaders of such an entity must not lose sight of their principals and the goal of the organisation. Any introduction of a variety of Knowledge will inevitably lead to an increase of the overall understanding and implementation of the purpose of the group.


If a group of people thinks that a certain sum of the highest energy and vigour is united in one goal, and thus is withdrawn from the inertia of the broad masses, these few per-cents have become the masters of the whole number. The history of the Templar Knights was made by minorities who had the will and the determination. What may be aggravating today is really the prerequisite for our success. It is precisely in the greatness and difficulty of our task that there is the likelihood that only the best people will come together to pursue it.


When a catholic priest performs the Eucharist and consecrate the hostia, he says ‘This is my body’ – in Latin ‘Hoc est corpus’. The worshipers, not knowing Latin, understood ‘ Hocus Pocus’. 


JIHAD (Holy War) – is a war fought in one’s own country, to fight against the infiltration of another religious belief.


The principle and basic idea of Templar Knights, can not be infiltrated by other ideas or dogmas. It would destroy the very soul and satisfaction of being a Soldier fighting for the truth. A hybrid organisation has no chance to survive by keeping more than one basic idea alive. The culture of being a Templar Knight is unique. By diluting it, it would create a herd of followers with no goal. Templar Knights uphold that very culture because they are the carrier, no better; they are the creator of that culture.  


What are you? A religious or a spiritual person?

If you are a religious person – you believe what you were, and be told about your God, which makes you feel at awe and keeps you scared about punishments in the present as well as in the after life. But above all, you are not looking for facts and would dare to ask questions.  

If you are spiritual person – you believe that there could be higher being. That believe makes you feel at ease and at peace with yourself; and your surroundings. But above all, you believe in facts and you are not shy in asking questions.   


After years and years, in fact centuries, of degeneration of humans; live seams to revert back to values and chivalry. Not only do we look for the ‘old ways’, to revive and make our life meaningful again. There is a trend towards long forgotten lifestyles and you may call it ‘way of live’. Families are no more what they had been fifty or hundred years ago. Deep inside us, we long and beseech what is lost, but still lingering in our unconsciousness. We want ad we need to ‘belong’ to something, were we can feel safe, wanted and appreciated for just being us-self. One of the true valued possibility is to join a group of like-minded souls. Something which withstood the test of time and survived for a long time; this time of constant changes. Templar Knights are one of such places were you can find all of those mentioned above, plus adding some value to your boring(?) life. Step away from being a Peasant or Serf, and become a Knight or Dame.


We are a chain-link within the Order of the Templar Knights, we may not let it brake. As we are hundreds of years old, it seams that our progenitors did well and kept the Order alive. Now it’s up to us to keep up the good work and invite people interested, to join us and lead them forward to uphold the idea of being an descendant of Jacques de Moley. But remember your commitment has to last your lifetime. It is not of any value to both sides, when you resign before you even become a Page or Squire. When you follow the meaning of the eight points of our red ‘Amalfi’ cross, it will help you on your way to become a Knight or Dame.  The order needs your spiritual complement and your practical activity. This must be done regardless of understanding or lack of understanding, approval or disapproval.


The church makes extraordinary admissions about its New Testament. For example, when discussing the origin of those writings, ‘the most distinguished body of academic opinion ever assembled’ (Catholic Encyclopaedias, Preface) admits that the Gospels ‘do not go back to the first century of the Christian era’ (Catholic Encyclopaedia, Farley ed., vol. VI, p.137, pp. 655-6). This statement conflicts with priesthood assertions that the earliest Gospels were progressively written during the decades following the death of Jesus Christ. Notable the Church further admits that ‘the earliest of the extant manuscripts [of the New Testament], do not date back beyond the middle of the fourth century AD’ ( Catholic Encyclopaedia, op. Cit., pp. 655-7). That is 350 years after the time the church claims that Jesus Christ walked the sands of Palestine, and here the true story of Christian origin slips into one of the biggest black holes in history. 

The New Testaments quotes many historical events, but the historical writings state not one of the religious events.

Gospel = God spell


Humans one-by-one are are wonderful individuals, if you look carefully, you can see the whole universe in their eyes.

But, as soon as they group – as soon as they clot; when they are 5 or 10 – or even 2 – they are interchanged. They sacrifice the beauty of the individual, for the sake of the group.

In any group, also in ours, an individual has to let go a little bit of it’s self-esteem to become part of the group; the group he or she has chosen to be part of. So that means, we all, being a member of one or another group have to let go a tiny piece of ourselves, to become a valuable piece of the puzzle.    


We are a non political group, but as overall wisdom – don’t complain about the leaders of our country. If you have to complain, complain about the public.

Our politicians come from our schools, from our colleges, from our universities; they come from the public.

So don’t whinge, you voted for them. People get what they deserve, because people deserve what they get. 


His dagger passed, … through my heart. I know FOR-REAL… That, I am dying. Am I thinking, … about my life? No need, … of even trying.
What’s done is done…. It was him or me. No thoughts of love, … or crying. This is the price, … I willingly paid to Join-The-Gang, … or even trying..

Now that I’m gone? ..will the Brothers… miss me? Will they avenge… my death, … my mortal being? It matters NOT…… to me, …… you see.
It’s… MY-TURN….. TO DO, ….. THE DYING! ! !


“O, but they say, the tongues of dying men enforce attention, like deep harmony: where words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain: for they breathe truth, that breathe their words in pain.

He, that no more must say, is listened more than they whom youth and ease have taught to gloze; more are men’s ends marked, than their lives before: the setting sun, and music at the close, as the last taste of sweets, is sweetest last; writ in remembrance more than things long past”

“A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”