About Us and our History.

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29.09.1787 – the first letter in which the new Order (to be created); the “Der Welttempelherren Orden” (WTHO) – “Order of the World Templar Lords” (OWTL), is mentioned. 

01.03.1796 – Charter for the ‘Welt Tempelherren Orden’ is signed near Vienna/Austria, and verified (through a special grant of the Austrian Emperor Franz 1st [Joseph Karl]) by General Sir Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier Marquis de la Fayette. This day was also the wedding day of Napoleone di Buonaparte.  

14.03.1796 – Conseil de Règence (a group of higher ranked Templar Knights)
Secrétaire Michiele Nocolas/Saint Goultier, 36800 Indre, France

she started the handover to Baron Thugut; by giving advice and information.

16.09.1796 – Conseil de Règence signs the split of the Austrian group from the French office.

1796 – 1804 – Sir Johann Amadeus Baron von Thugut
Grandmaster of Austro/Hungarian Empire and State Chancellor to France

1804 – Bernard Raymond Fabré de Palaprat (1st) Master Austro/Hungary and advisor to Belgium

1805/1824 – HSH Claude Antoine Gabriel, Duke de Choiseul Stainville
Grandmaster of Austro/Hungary and advisor to Bavaria

1824/1836 – Bernard Raymond Fabré de Palaprat  (2nd)              Grandmaster of Austro/Hungary and advisor to Bavaria

1837 – La Commission Exècutive du Grand-Convent, Central et Primitif de l’Ordre (The Executive Commission of the Grand Convent, Central and Primitive of the Order)

1796/1804 – Sir Bernhard Comte de Beaufort
Arch Grandmaster of Austro/Hungary and Belgium

1873/1892 – Sir Dr Julius von Verdy zu Vernois                                          Arch Grandmaster Austro/Hungary and Bavaria

1892 – Josèphin Péladan, member of the Freemason Order of the Rose-Croix; tried for 3 months to unit many Templar Knights and make them Freemasons – but failed. 

1892 – The Order of the World Templar Lords (OWTL) ‘Der Welt Tempelherren Orden’ (WTHO); cuts all connections with France and established its own head office in München/Bavaria. 

1905/1913 – Sir Joseph Isaac Baron van den Burg                                     Arch Grandmaster of Austria, Bavaria, The Netherlands and advisor to Hungary

1914/1919 – no actions, nor meetings during the first world war

1919/1934 – Sir Carl Mani Winter Earl von und zu Lach
Grandmaster of German states and Austria

1935/1942 –  Sir Dr Hermann Wilhelm Freiherr von Schweiger Grandmaster of German States and Austria; and advisor to Sir Carl Mani Winter Earl von und zu Lach

On 23.12.1942 – Dr Schweiger transferred all the possessions of the Order (files, paperwork, secret and Confidential Information), and money to HRH Antonio Campello Pinto de Sousa Fontes (Grand Prior). He also transferred his powers by decree to the Master of Portugal.

1943/1948 – during and a few years after the second World war no actions, nor meetings occurred.

1948/1959 – Dr Schweiger tried in vain to reunite some European countries and asked for the rightful holdings and possessions of the Order to be handed back, but he was ignored by Pinto de Sousa Fontes. The next few years are untraceable, as not much information was made available for Dr Schweiger.

In 1959 – Sir Dr Hermann Wilhelm Freiherr migrated to Sydney/Australia and continued to have contact with Masters in Germany and Austria.
1960/1979 –  Sir Dr Hermann Baron von Schweiger recruited new members into the Australian Order of the World Templar Lords (which made him Arch Grandmaster of Austria, Germany, and Australia) and took them through stages, like Serfs, Pages/Squires and finally Knights/Dames. Between 1980 and 1996 – the Order grew and Priors and Grand Priors were dubbed. Also during that time the brotherhood and friendship with Austria and Germany disintegrated, because of the distance and culture differences. The idea of keeping ONE Order alive, could not be maintained. As a result of that, Sir Dr Schweigers rank reverted to back Master of The Order of the World Templar Lords (Australia).

1996/2001 – the number of members dwindled because many of them (now in their years) decided to retire to Queensland and Adelaide. Sir Dr Schweiger wanted to keep the Order ‘German’ which didn’t work in the long run.

2001 – Master Sir Gabriel Franz Baron von Samek JP
(descendant from estate Unter Kanitz (Dolni Kounice), Moravia. He is an Ex-service UN MP Captain. Served in the UN peacekeeping forces in Cyprus, Syria, and Egypt. Sir Gabriel took over the remains of the Order and decided to recruit any person who is interested in a Templar Knighthood and co-named it ‘Australian Templar Knights’

The Order has, besides its members in Australia, a number of non-financial and honorary Knights and Dames in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Brazil, Japan, Philippines, and China. Through his, and other Knights effort; the number of members increased steadily. A good recruitment place is the yearly Blacktown Medieval Fayre. 

2013 – Sir Gabriel retired from his professional life, to dedicate his time solemnly to the Order. He shares the day to day decision making with his Seneschal and Marshal.  

18.10.2018 – Sir Gabriel Baron von Samek JP was awarded the title of Drhc.  

2019 – The official Name of the Order was changed from “Order of the World Templar Lords” to “Order of the Templar Knights of Australia”.

Even though our name has changed, we will never forget out heritage, nor our beginnings. Non Nobis.